Bison Technologies is a leading Telecommunication company specializing in RF communication equipment, assisting connectivity by providing a full range of Two way VHF and HF Radios, antenna systems, duplexers, repeaters and feeder cables.

Bison Technologies has been distributing to other two-way radio dealers in Kenya and East Africa since 2008 and understand our customer’s needs, their product preference, delivery timelines. We supply mainly Motorola, Kenwood and Codan range of products but stock on order any other brand as per our clients preference.

Our Cellular GSM900 equipment and antennas are imported from Amplitec and are of a network quality. Amplitec repeaters are internationally recognized and have been certified by a number of telecom authorities, including European ETSI and American FCC. All the products comply with ETSI, RoHS and WEEE requirements. Amplitec’s Band Selective products have been Vodacom network and CAK type approved.

We  also import and supply handheld metal detectors, test equipment, AC-DC Power supply units and measuring tools and materials essential for installations, low loss RF coaxial cables, connectors and adapters, RG213, RG58U, RG58U, LWC400 and LWC195 ensuring our customers are not subjected to monopolized price pressure.

Bison Technologies provides site surveys, Network Mapping and link planning to establish best RSSI (received signal strength indication) before recommending a working solution either on a VHF or GSM Network.


Our Products

Through partnership with leading international telecom and mobile communications companies we endeavor to provide quality communication equipment including;

  • Icom two way radios
  • Codan Radio equipment
  • Motorola radios
  • Kenwood radios
  •  Vertex radios
  • Thuraya satellite phones


To be the region’s premier provider of efficient telecommunication and radio services responsive to customer’s needs.


In response to an ever changing communication environment, Bison Technologies exists to develop and deliver state of the art communication technology solutions

Quality Statement

We are committed to providing superior quality telecommunication and radio products and services. Continuous response to a dynamic telecommunication environment in our processes and integration of good customer service, comprise the core of our business strategy for delivering exceptional quality and value in all products and services.

Core values

  • Teamwork: We promote respect, unity, commonness of purpose among staff members and encourage sharing of ideas with openness.
  • Quality: We lay strong emphasis on quality control systems to ensure the proper performance of our products and service delivery.
  • Integrity: We embrace a culture that promotes honesty, transparency, accountability and professional ethics.
  • Customer focus: We are dedicated to meeting the diverse expectations of our customers.
  • Inventiveness: We encourage creativity; embrace positive change and reward innovation.
  • Timeliness: We encourage and sustainability manage the timely delivery of service and provision of high quality products.